Grocery & Foodbank Delivery

Mutual Aid Katarokwi-Kingston

We are a project initiated by AKA Autonomous Social Center in Kingston ON. We formed to respond to a need we saw in our community to support those needing to self-isolate in relation to COVID-19.

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Mutual aid is the belief that cooperation trumps competition when it comes to fulfilling each other’s needs.

Grocery & Pharmacy

You can request free deliveries of food or pharmacy items (that we facilitate you paying for) delivered by one of your neighbours in mutual aid. You can ask for one of your neighbours to call or message you for check-ins or offer deliveries and check-ins.

Foodbank Box Delivery

If you’re a food bank client, MAKK can coordinate one of your volunteer neighbours to deliver your food box for free!

Protocols for Deliveries

  • Deliverer and Recipient will be matched based on location.
  • Recipient will e-transfer $ to
  • MAKK will contact Recipient and Deliverer (via email, phone or text) to confirm we have received it.
  • Deliverer will contact recipient to confirm approximate time of delivery.
  • Deliverer will purchase items requested and will take a picture of receipt and send to recipient and to MAKK for records
  • Out of an abundance of caution, prior to dropping items off in plastic bags, deliverer will clean cans and plastic packages with disinfectant spray and paper towels. To reduce risk, items will be placed on front door step or entrance door to apartment building. Once there, the deliverer will call or text recipient to collect items. Deliverer will wait in car/safe distance from entrance (at least 6 feet) until recipient collects items.
  • We recommend that recipients throw away plastic bags that items are brought in (could be contaminated), disinfect outside of products again before storing, and wash their hands thoroughly after putting items away.
  • Amount e-transferred and the amount spent on groceries will be reconciled.
  • If process works well and both individuals would like to proceed with future deliveries please do so. MAKK will continue to let you know when funds have been received.

Please note that we are all volunteers doing this work around our jobs and other responsibilities. We are working as fast as we can and appreciate your patience!

Under any circumstances sociability is the greatest advantage in the struggle for life.

Peter Kropotkin

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